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For a better tomorrow

We solve social issues through our businesses to leave a better world and a better future for the next generation. This is part of the DNA of every OMRON employee, from production floor staff to senior management.

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OMRON Group on Sustainability

Sustainability is all about putting the OMRON Principles into practice "To improve lives and contribute to a better society."

How our business practices impact social issues and sustainability

We are committed to sustainably increasing our long-term value by putting our mission and values into practice. We uphold a long-term vision in our business to create solutions to society's issue. We operate as a truly global company through our fair and transparent management practices. We cultivate strong relationships with all of our stakeholders through responsible engagement.

Targets of creating sustainable workplace (offices and factories) and sustainable products for reducing Greenhouse Gas (GHG) Emissions

To meet sustainability goals, OMRON Healthcare will implement the following initiatives:

  1. Integrating and consolidating production lines and revising in-facility logistics routing for greater energy productivity resulting from improved production operations
  2. Visualizing energy usage to discover areas with potential for energy reduction, implementing specific actions to cut energy consumption
  3. Acquiring clean energy through solar/biomass power generation and deployment of battery energy storage systems
  4. Implementing carbon offsets such as reforestation support, tree-planting, etc.

Reduce environmental loads from the entire value chain by promoting resource saving activities and recycling

OMRON-style governance to meet all stakeholder expectations

Accelerating the growth of our people and our organization, human resources management is the driver of innovation at OMRON. Manufacturing and environment initiatives move us toward sustainable production. Smart risk management supports global business activities. Setting ambitious goals strengthens our business. Encouraging every employee to play a key role enables us to contribute to the betterment of society.

OMRON seeks to foster leaders who can drive innovation and train diversely talented employees to solve social issues

Contribute to customers and society through improved productivity and added value

Our goal:


Ratio of non-Japanese in managerial positions overseas

OMRON pursues product safety, quality, and environmentally friendly manufacturing to provide products that customers can use with confidence

Create value and contribute to sustainable manufacturing

Our goal:


Product safety assessments for newly developed products

OMRON aims to meet our social responsibility, while ensuring corporate continuity and achieve our goals

Identify risks at the earliest stages in an environment of rapid change and rising uncertainty. Solve issues by combining input and insights from employees in production and management

Our goal:


Consistent promotion of OMRON Group Rules at all global sites

Global recognition for OMRON's sustainable practices