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Design Philosophy

Design for a Healthier Heart

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We all wish for good health. Although we sometimes forget to take care of ourselves. At OMRON, we seek to serve people’s desire for good health, making it as easy as possible to maintain our health and wellbeing. We seek to provide solutions through our designs. By looking deeply into human emotions and behaviors, we aim to create products that blend into everyday life, become a companion. One that sometimes gives you a gentle push when you need it. And you smile, because you feel the sincerity behind.

With a little help, we can take that extra small step to embrace a healthy lifestyle. At OMRON, it’s our mission to provide a little help every day.

Five design philosophies


Since we aim to serve people’s health, our primary concern is trust. First, we work toward understanding people’s needs when it comes to managing their health. Only then do we set out to find a solution, with a design that is practical and effective.


Precise measurements are key to effective prevention, maintenance, and treatment. Our designs use the latest technology to ensure accuracy, and deliver measurements in a way that blends into our lives. With our designs, we aim to deliver true value in maintaining good health.


We all prefer tools that are easy to use. When we design devices and services to care for your health, we keep this top of mind, aiming to create interactions that are intuitive for all.


In our designs, we aim to provide an experience of comfort, a reassuring way to monitor your health. With this experience, we aim to help you keep monitoring your vital data for peace of mind and the best possible health.


In our designs, we aim to make medical terms easy to understand, by using the appropriate language and signals to blend into your life.